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Pre-Primary: Sweet Pea - Jan. 2020

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Happy New Year, Sweet Pea Families!!!

It’s been great seeing everyone again after a restful two weeks off; all of our friends have grown so much and in so many ways...

We want to give a big welcome to the new students and their families who have joined our classroom this new year! Welcome to Sweet Pea: Andrew, Nox, Jack, and Charlie! We look forward to getting to know you! We’d also like to send our best wishes to Emilia, Arkyn, and Axel, as they have moved on to Primary classrooms!

Coming back after Winter Break is always so magical. The children returned ready to do lessons and reconnect with their friends; the peaceful focus is quite infectious.

At circle time, we are learning some new songs from Frank Leto’s “Time for Music”, while working on listening skills, repetition, color recognition, facial expressions, and the five senses.

In the lesson room, we continue to have activities for counting, sorting, and critical thinking. Grace and courtesy lessons occur throughout the year; currently, we are getting refreshers on pushing in chairs, waiting turns, using kind and polite words ("please", "thank you", "excuse me", "are you ok?", etc.), walking feet, and inside voices.

Getting ready to go outside has become a lot easier with so much practice every day! Our friends have not only learned the sequence of steps (quite a lot, actually!), but also how to find space and rearrange their bodies to carry out the task effectively. It does get quite crowded in the cubby area with 12 children plus all of their gear.....And on that note, please remember to keep head-to-toe (labeled!) outerwear (including water-proof mittens) in your child’s cubby each day they are in class.

Thank you, as always, for the precious gift of the time we spend with your children,


Ms. Kat, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Christina

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