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The Toddler Program is a prepared environment for children ages two to three years. Dr. Maria Montessori identified sensitive periods for toddlers to include language and order. In an environment where movement and exploration are part of all we do, the toddler environment is language-rich and carefully designed to meet the needs of children as they develop confidence, independence, and personal expression.



The Primary Program includes children between three and six years of age. Our prepared environments are open and inviting. Children are free to move about the classroom and learn to make productive, independent work choices in addition to receiving lessons and presentations from their teachers. Children also regularly visit our barn animals and take nature walks around our campus.



The Elementary Program is designed for students between the ages of six and twelve. After gaining a sense of independence in their earlier years, students join our elementary communities where confidence and curiosity are celebrated and encouraged. The elementary curriculum is rich in diverse opportunities both academically and socially, and students work both independently and in collaboration with others. As “elders” in our Montessori community, we depend on our elementary students to take on leadership positions on campus, and act as mentors to their younger peers. 

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