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Primary: Sunshine - Sept. 2019

Happy almost Autumn Sunshine Families. There is a chill in the air but hopefully we will have some more warm days ahead.

The classroom is a very busy place where the children are finding their work, receiving new lessons, learning Grace and Courtesy, and learning the routine in the Sunshine classroom with their peers and teachers. During these first weeks of school we have been introducing everyday activities that happen in the classroom such as 1) how to use walking feet, 2) how to get someone’s attention, 3) how to carry a lesson, 4) how to use an inside voice, and 5) how to roll and unroll a working rug.

Ask your child what the Chicken Wing is…We hold up our elbow and cover our cough or sneeze.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Email is a good way for communication or the Bloomz App. Once the classroom door has closed at 8:30 am this is our time with your children to make the Montessori magic happen. If you are arriving after 8:30 am, feel free to use the paper above the sign in sheet to pass us any information we may need to help your child have a great day. If you didn’t make it to Back to School Night and you have questions about the daily routine, please email us or see us at pick up. Thanks for understanding.

Special Dates:

September 14th Community Work Day. 9am -Noon. Potluck Lunch at noon.

September 17th and 18th SCHOOL PHOTOS. If your child comes both days they will have their class photograph taken both days.

Classroom reminders: please make sure your child has inside shoes and outside shoes. Inside shoes should be comfortable yet stay snug on your child’s feet. We do practice fire drills so the inside shoes should have a hard bottom. Outside shoes should be weather appropriate. Your child should bring their morning snack in the class with them upon arrival. Please make sure it comes in a container that fits in our snack cubby.

Note: It is fun and rewarding for your child to bring in their own snack and do things for themselves, so please allow them time to do so. Thanks!

Afternoon snack gets refrigerated until 2 pm. This basket is located under the water-bottle tub or may be in the refrigerator after 9:00 am. If your child stays at school after 3:30 pm please bring them an aftercare snack. That may be their 3rd snack of the day! Please place the aftercare snack in the basket by the sign in sheet.

We will be starting the Book Bag next week so look for a red bag in your child’s cubby and please let them pick their ( 1 ) favorite book to bring.

Thanks for sharing your children with us...

Jessie, Megan, and Amanda

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