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Primary: Rainbow - May 2019

Happy May! It’s hard to believe the school year is drawing to a close.

We would just like to express our gratitude to all of you for sharing your beautiful children with us this year. We have loved every moment of it. It has been an exciting year of building community, learning and growth for all in the Rainbow Class. We look forward to seeing all of our returning children this fall and wish all of those moving on from MCM joy and love next year and beyond. Thank you all for such wonderful conferences. It was lovely to have the opportunity to share your child’s accomplishments with you.

The children have enjoyed learning about the different species of birds "

Our latest areas of study have included the continent of Australia, birds, and ways that we can reduce our waste, reuse consumables, and recycle to care for our planet. In May we will be learning more about the plants that we eat, particularly those that we will be growing in our garden, and will also be talking about nutrition and the human body. We will soon begin planting herbs and wildflowers on our deck that the children will tend, and vegetables and flowers in our garden bed. The children have enjoyed learning about the different species of birds that visit our bird feeder each day, and we look forward to seeing honey bees, butterflies, and more when our wildflowers sprout.

There will soon be caterpillars in the Rainbow Room! We will be observing them this month as they shed their exoskeleton, form their chrysalises, and begin their transformation into butterflies. Once they have emerged as butterflies we will take them outside, thank them, and set them free!

Spring Fling is Saturday, May 18th! The class is also busy working on our art projects for the Spring Fling Silent Auction. We will have our items displayed in our sunroom as we finish them! Thank you to the MCCA for organizing this year’s event. If you are interested in donating, please check out this link for more information: . The entire school will gather at 11:30a.m to sing songs on the stage, followed by food and activities on our beautiful grounds.

Please bring your child to the Rainbow classroom at 11:15 dressed in his/her RED MCM T-Shirt!) We will receive them and walk over to the stage as a group.

Please take note: Thursday, May 30th is the Last Day of School, and is an early release day! (Please plan on picking up your child no later than 12PM.)


A few more announcements:

*We are looking for some small, screw top/straw-less water bottles to keep in our classroom to be borrowed. If you have any extras to spare, we would love to give them a home. Thanks!

*The sun is out! If you have not already done so, please be sure to bring in a bottle of sunscreen with your child’s name on it to store in the basket in the cubby room (for licensing purposes sunscreen cannot be stored in their cubbies). In addition, please plan on bringing a sun hat for your child, as we spend a lot of time outside on warmer days.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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