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Primary: Rainbow - Dec. 2019

Happy December!

What a wonderful start to the school year we have had. Our classroom is bustling with activity and we are so impressed with the progress each and every child has made in just a few short months.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help during our Thanksgiving celebration! We appreciate those of you who brought in items for our projects and ingredients for our Friendsgiving feast. The children had a wonderful morning doing crafts, helping to bake pumpkin muffins, and making butter. A big thank you to Chef Danielle for providing cooked carrots, ham, and rolls for all to share at our feast. It was a special day for all of us, and we are thankful for each other.

November was a very full month. The children are happy and busy during the morning work period. The practical life avenue was a favorite for many children last month. They have been busy polishing plants and pennies, peeling and chopping carrots, cutting snips, and much more.

The classroom is blossoming in the language area! Many children are making progress with letter sounds, early reading skills, and enjoy playing sound games together. With so much happening, all of the children are absorbing so much from each other. We have quite a few emerging readers who love to read to their friends throughout the day.

This month we will be studying the continent of Antarctica, Arctic animals, snow, and winter holidays and customs from around the world.

With the ever changing weather and temperatures, it is not uncommon for snow clothes and the clothes they wear underneath to be extra soggy after recess. Please check to make sure your child has extra socks, pants, and shirts in their cubbies in case they get especially wet. Thank you!

The holidays are quickly approaching! Please put Thursday, December 19th on your calendars for our Rainbow Room Holiday Celebration. At 2:30 pm, families are invited to join us in the gym to listen to the songs that the children are preparing for you and enjoy refreshments. It is wonderful to have all the children participate, so if your child does not normally come on Thursdays, please bring them to the classroom at 2:15 pm. The children will sing a few songs and then we’ll snack, chat, and wish each other good cheer for the holidays! You are welcome to bring a refreshment to share; please keep an eye out for a sign-up coming soon.

Enjoy the holiday season!


Ms. Victoria, Ms. Teresa, and Ms. Leah

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