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Primary: Mi Casita - Sept. 2019

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Bienvenidos a Mi Casita!

We are very happy to welcome our families to our MCM community. We extend a warm welcome to the new families and we are happy to have many returning families. It is such a pleasure to see your children in this new year cycle.

Mi Casita is experiencing a stage of intense growth where all the children are learning how to live in a small community. Children are learning how to take care of each other, respect, enjoy, study, and work together on goals that are both big and small. We are very excited to see how much your children will be able to achieve this new school year.

Since we started school, we have been focusing on getting to know each other, establishing our classroom routine, bonding and connecting with the new children as well as the new teachers, and enjoying September’s theme which is Grace and Courtesy, a sense of place in the world, my country, USA, honoring Maria Montessori as a peace maker, peace time activities, and cultural studies among others... Some of the lessons we’ve presented and are a work in progress are: walking in line slowly and carefully, walking in line with an object, carrying a tray, pushing in their chair, listening skills, bathroom etiquette, raising hand at circle time, taking turns to speak, keeping hands to oneself, transition (ringing a bell, end of work time, end of playground), and storing belongings in cubby among others.

We encourage you to get involved and to please feel free to reach out to one another as we connect with the Mi Casita Familia. For those parents who would like to get involved in the various activities that we will have throughout the school year, we kindly ask that you keep an eye on our parents log in the area by the entryway.

We are grateful to share your children and we want you to know that above all we are here to serve their needs, provide support, and infuse love to each and every one of them. Mi Casita’s teachers stand for love, kindness, and joy and are pleased to be part of your child’s development.

If you ever have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Daniel at or Ms. Paula at

Muchas Gracias!

Mr. Daniel, Ms. Paula, Ms. Connie

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