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Primary: Mi Casita - Dec. 2019

The year is progressing nicely and the classroom has been becoming much more peaceful. All the children are starting to achieve great academic strides and are discovering so much daily. It is awesome to see them start to gain new skills on top of what they have already learned.

We had a great November and an amazing feast day. We are very grateful for all the support we had to coordinate the feast and make it possible for all the parents of Mi Casita to attend this memorable day for our children. It was so great to see all the parents volunteering in the classroom and having a chance to meet the other students. The children are so enthused when we have parents come in. We have heard them chat about you all and how much they like you! We also like knowing parents have had the opportunity to see the classroom and interact with their child at school.

Europe was our theme in November. Children learned very interesting facts about Europe, including the cultures, fun places, songs, castles, and other topics. We had Jennifer Campbell in our classroom to give a very nice presentation about the Scandinavian countries. We had art projects and experiments throughout the whole month.

We are very happy for all the children that are joining the Reading Train Program. We will keep sending books home every Thursday for your child to practice reading over the weekend. Please remember to bring the book back every Monday to make sure our class keeps progressing.

Children have been exposed to Spanish daily. We have Spanish class every Tuesday and Thursday. Next week, we will send you a second list of Spanish words and very soon we will start having a teacher speak Spanish one whole day per week. We really want your children to be completely exposed to a second language.

Our Christmas performance is a couple weeks away on Monday, December 16 at 2:30 pm. We will be singing a few Spanish Christmas songs. Please feel free to bring cookies or other holiday treats to the performance and don't forget your camera! If your child does not attend school this day, please drop them off in the cubby room at 2:20 pm. Make sure you sign your child in. We will sing our songs each day and all the children are looking forward to it!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday break and are so happy to have had such a successful first half of the school year with your children!


Mi Casita Teachers

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