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Pre-Primary: Sweet Pea - Mar. 2020

Hello Sweet Pea families!

Spring is on its way…but with Montana weather, we may still see a few more snows before we can officially welcome the change of season. With that in mind, please continue to send snow clothes with your child to school, as we are getting out and enjoying this beautiful (although slushy) weather while we can!

The Sweet Pea class has been working hard this season on proper etiquette when it comes to coughing, sneezing, and blowing our noses! We are all practicing “catching our coughs” in our elbows or using our “chicken wing” to try and keep our germs from spreading. Every morning, the Sweet Peas start their day by washing their hands! We also are encouraging them to wash their hands anytime we see fingers in their mouths (or sometimes their noses). If you could extend this practice at home, we would greatly appreciate the continuity! “Germs” have been a topic of conversation lately and we are starting to see their understanding on how to help keep themselves, and others, healthy grow.

Our classroom is always busy with activity and we have been enjoying the creations coming from our art center, block station, and even our dramatic play area! They are constantly painting on the easel, stringing beads, or doing their “sticker work”—which has been great for building muscles in their fingers as they get closer to writing. They are building towers and towns in our block area and have been “nurturing” our babies in the dramatic play room by swaddling, walking in the stroller, and even cooking! All of these activities give them opportunities to work through situations in their own way and develop a more concrete relationship with the world around them.

Circle Time is still one of our favorite times of day, as it brings everyone together to sing songs, play games, and read stories. At its core, Circle Time offers a great opportunity to work on developing focus and the ability to sit and listen for up to 20 minutes! This is big work for our toddlers, and vital, as many of them are moving on to the next grade level in the fall. We continue to talk about our emotions and how we can all be kind and “fill up our buckets”.

We’d like to remind you that Spring Break will be March 16th to 20th and that school will be closed! We hope you all enjoy the break and wish you safe travels if you will be visiting family or friends (or simply taking a needed vacation).

We look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us in the Sweet Pea room and are excited to watch our toddlers continue to bloom and grow like the world around us!

All our love,

Ms. Kat, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Christina

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