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Pre-Primary: Sweet Pea - Feb. 2020

Hello Sweet Pea Families!

This month, we’d like to welcome Ms. Naomi! She has been helping in our classroom and we all enjoy having her. She has fit right in and the children really enjoy having her as a teacher.

In the classroom, one can hear the hum of busy workers. Maria Montessori believed that “child’s play” was the child’s special “work”. Whether our students are washing the baby dolls, scooping and pouring in the sensory tubs, gluing and designing a unique collage, or putting on their water aprons, they are choosing to master important skills that are vital to their growth and independence. Purposeful lessons are rotated periodically to provide for the students’ developmental needs.

At Circle Time, our class comes together to learn about our calendar, sing favorite songs, perform finger plays, engage in movement games, and hear story books that teach important lessons. We continue to explore the emotional and feeling world of the child.

With grace and courtesy lessons, our students are learning the value of consideration for one another in word and deed. We emphasize that it is the caring and respect for one another that brings happiness and harmony to our classroom and the world. Such important work!

We are happy that your children are a special part of our lives. They bless us with their wonder, their sweet hearts, and their delightful words of wisdom.

Thanks for all you do!

Ms. Kat, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Christina

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