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Elementary: Upper El - March 2019

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Thank you to all that were able to come out for Parent Week this week. We really enjoyed having you in our classroom to get a better glimpse at your child’s day.

We also saw how much pride the students have in showing you what they are learning at school. If you could not make it this week, feel free to schedule another time. Ancient Egypt is a fascinating civilization to study. The students are amazed at their inventions, customs, and way of life.

“The students love hands-on activities and our new unit will get their minds in gear for the creation of their own invention or innovation.”

We have been taking a closer look at the history of Ancient Egypt, their gods, and how geography influenced their civilization. We are excited to see the artifacts that each student has replicated and learn more through their individual research.

Lower Elementary will visit us next Friday to learn more about these creations. We are also studying Simple Machines this month. The students are using their creative energy to problem solve and make work easier. They love these hands-on activities and this unit will get their minds in gear for the creation of their own invention or innovation. Every other year in the Upper Elementary Class, we have an Invention Fair. This year’s “Invention Convention” will be held on Wednesday, April 24th at 2:15 pm.

I will be presenting the project to the children this week, handing out guidelines, and helping them brainstorm about their project. They will have about six weeks to work on it at home. There are a lot of books available here and at the library that can help generate ideas. I will try to make this process as clear as possible!

Thank you in advance for helping your child with this. The school year is flying by and I wanted to make you aware of all of our important dates for the rest of the school year.

Save the Date:

March 13th: Cross-cut Field Trip (all day)

March 18th-22nd: Spring Break

April 11-12: Conferences, School Closed

April 24th: Invention Convention, 2:30

May 8th: Farm Fair **4th grade only (all day) 5th grade field trip (TBD)

May 15th: Montessori Mile, 2:45

May 18th: Spring Fling and performance

May 22-23rd: Overnight class trip

May 29th: Graduation Ceremony, 2:00

May 30th: Last Day of School, Early Release, 12:00

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!

Miss Jessica

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