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Elementary: Upper El - Sept. 2019

Happy Back to School! We are off to another great year here at Middle Creek! Our class is humming along with eager learners and leaders.

We have been busy the last two weeks getting into our new classroom routines, harvesting the garden, and beginning new projects. Each student has been given an email address, an ixl account, and a typing program account. Your child is free to use these at home as well.

All aboard the Bozeman Public Library Bookmobile for a good read.

We are looking forward to a great year with the Upper Elementary Band! D.J. Hofer and Ms. Krista will once again lead the band with assistance from Garrett Hartley. The children have told us what instruments they want to play. If your child is starting a new instrument, please help him or her get into lessons on their instrument right away, and let Ms. Krista know if you need help finding a teacher. Band will be held on Fridays from 12:40-1:35 pm. Additionally, the children have a general music class weekly with Miss Hannah. We know it will be another great year of music making in Upper El!

We have begun a collaborative project with Lower Elementary that consists of researching many aspects of a certain country. Your Upper Elementary student is the group leader and is working hard to create a project board that will be presented at our Cultural Day on October 8th at 2:15 pm. Each group will present their country along with a food and craft from that country. The students are encouraged to dress to represent that country if possible. Please join us if you can.

We will go on many field trips throughout the year and I will email you and post them on Bloomz as they come up. We will always be looking for drivers to help us get to these trips. Our first field trip is on Tuesday, October 1st for an all-day experience with a ranger at Headwaters State Park. Our next field trip will be on October 22nd to the Museum of the Rockies.

Your child probably mentioned that we will not have regular weekly homework in Upper El. We do feel that most of your children have a busy after school schedule, especially in the Fall. Although we will not have regular weekly work, your child is reminded often that it is very important to read for at least 20 minutes a day and practice multiplication math facts. We will have projects that require at-home work also. Our first project involves the creation of an egg capsule that will be launched at school on Wednesday, September 18th at 2:45 pm. Please join us if you can. Feel free to request more homework if you feel your child will benefit from it at home.

On Friday, you should see their “Friday Folder” come home. Be sure to check that folder for school communication and to see the work your child has done that week. Most of your child’s written work will stay at school throughout the year in the work journals.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year!

~ Jessica Rabinsky

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