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Elementary: Lower El - Sept. 2019

Welcome to the Lower Elementary classroom!

After a long summer of fun, it is great to be back in our beautiful classroom working and learning together. We are all getting to know each other as we have many new students. Our returning students have been very helpful in making them feel welcome and assisting them when needed. We have a wonderful group of students that we are all excited to be working with.

First and second grade students getting acquainted with BOB, the Bozone Ozone Bus. with

Our classroom pets are also glad to see the children back. The children have already been reading to and feeding Nemo, our Russian Tortoise, as well as feeding Randy, our Oranda goldfish.

The classroom is busy with the children working on a variety of Math, Language, Reading, and Handwriting lessons during the morning work period. It is amazing to see their enthusiasm and enjoyment of their work.

We have begun a collaborative project with Upper Elementary that consists of researching many aspects of a certain country. The Upper Elementary student is the group leader and is working hard to create a project board that will be presented at our Cultural Day on October 8th at 2:15 pm. Each group will present their country along with a food and craft from that country. The students are encouraged to dress to represent that country if possible. Please join us if you can.

The students have been helping harvest our garden and washing the vegetables. On the morning of September 26th, the children will help prep the veggies to make a soup for lunch. We will still have hot lunch served that day or pack a lunch if that is what you usually do. The soup will just be an added as a side.

A bus and a greenhouse! Bob is full of delicious and beautiful plants.

We will be celebrating the International Day of Peace on Friday, September 20th as a school. All of the children at MCM will be singing songs of peace together which has become a MCM tradition that we all look forward to every year. This year, we have also added Pinwheels for Peace with our main entrance being lined with pinwheels. The elementary students assembled them for each student in the school to have one. On Friday afternoon at dismissal, your child may pull one out of the ground and take it home.

As the weather begins to change and more hats, gloves, and snow pants come in, please make sure your child's belongings are all labeled. If you are missing any items of clothing or water bottles, we have a lost and found under the desk in the entry. We will have Health Enhancement every Monday and Thursday afternoons, so please make sure that your child has sneakers for their H.E. class.

I am excited about our Lower El. team this year and know that we will be giving our students the very best.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call, text, or email anytime. If it is timely during the school day, please call the school office.

Thank you all for being here at MCM. We are so excited to be working with your children and are looking forward to another great school year!

Have a great September!


Mrs. Nowak

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