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Elementary: Lower El. - Feb. 2020

We are off to another great month!

In February, we will be researching and studying the lives of our United States Presidents with group lessons on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Every year, we memorize the presidents’ last names in order from Washington to Trump. This is really fun and the children pair up to help each other. The third graders will also give an oral presentation about the Gettysburg Address to the primary classes.

School will be closed for Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 17th.

For Valentine's Day, the children will be making a decorated valentine’s bag in art class. On Valentine’s Day morning, we will put out the bags and the children will distribute their valentine’s cards into the bags. At 11:00 a.m., the children will get to go through all of the valentines in their bags. This is a lot of fun and there are always a lot of "Thank You’s!" going around.

We will be celebrating the 100th Day of School on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 12th. We will have a variety of activities that relate to the number 100.

We will have a special afternoon for parents on Wednesday, February 26th called "Expert Afternoon". Each child will present a lesson to any parent who joins them. The children are excited to share one of their favorite lessons with you. The parents will have a “Parent Passport”, which lists all of the children and what lessons they will be presenting. You can rotate around the classroom to see many lessons. We look forward to this very exciting afternoon!

Thank you to OG’s dad, Garl, for coming in to present an afternoon lesson on snow science! This was a very fun afternoon and we all learned a lot.

Thank you also to all the parents who have helped drive and chaperone for our field trips!

Have a wonderful February!

Mrs. Nowak

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