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Elementary: Lower El. - Dec. 2019

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Crafting thankful turkeys for our jam jars with Dana Murray.

The children had such a great time making currant and apple jam from our school currants that were harvested last summer. They even decorated the jars with a thankful turkey on the lid. The children were very proud to be able to bring this home to add to their Thanksgiving meal. Thank you so much to Dana Murray, Emerson’s mom, for heading up this project and supplying the jars and craft supplies as well as putting it all together. This was a fantastic project that everyone enjoyed!

Happy students knitting pom-pom hats.

Every December, we knit hats in Lower El.; this will be our twelfth year doing this activity. The children learn how to knit warm, cozy hats on round looms. This activity is one they look forward to every year. They knit hats not only for themselves, but also for friends and family, depending on how fast they can knit. These pom pom hats are worn proudly by the children and all those lucky enough to receive one as a gift. Thank you to all the families who have brought in yarn!

Over the next few weeks, the students will all be writing two holiday cards to their loved ones. They will address the envelope, put on the stamp, write a note, and include a small framed piece of artwork. The children really enjoy preparing these cards and gifts for their families and loved ones, and I’m sure the families love to receive them.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 10th, we will have a holiday movie afternoon where we will show Elf. This will be a fun afternoon for us to enjoy as a class. I will be handing out candy canes to each child during the movie.

The children are busy rehearsing for our Winter Program, which will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 17th. Please pick up your child at school by 1:15 pm and bring them to the Abundant Life Church by 1:30 pm. Please let us know if you are unable to make it, so we can make arrangements to transport you child. We hope to see you all at for a very special afternoon!

As we continue through the cold, snowy season, please make sure your child has labeled snow gear, hats, and gloves. The gloves may need to go home at times to be dried out, as they usually get very wet from playing outside.

Looking ahead…

  • The third graders are invited to join the Upper El. for a field trip to Crosscut to go cross-country skiing on Wednesday, February 5th. Look for paperwork to be sent home after Christmas break.

  • Expert Day will be held on Wednesday, February 26th from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. You are invited to join your child in their classroom to see and experience the lessons and Montessori materials firsthand. Your child will be a teacher on this afternoon, demonstrating one of their favorite lessons to all the parents of our class. They gain so much pride and confidence from “showing what they know”.

All of us in the Lower Elementary classroom wish you a very happy and healthy Holiday Season!

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