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Pre-Primary: Sweet Pea - March 2019

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Sweet Pea Toddler Classroom March 2019 Updates. Growing with your children is exactly where we want to be.

We are all looking forward to the coming of Spring which will give us the opportunity to observe the wondrous new beginnings of life. Soon we will be able to resume our favorite nature walks!

“We continue to explore the emotional and feeling world of the child.”

As you all know this past February has been extremely cold with lots of snow so the Sweet Pea Class has been taking advantage of the inside gym that is filled with opportunities for role playing, practical life lessons and large and small motor skill development.

Sweet Pea Toddler Class

We do ask that you continue to provide snow pants and winter gear for your child as the weather is unpredictable and usually the grounds are very wet as the spring thaw is hopefully on its way. In the classroom, one can hear the hum of busy workers. Maria Montessori believed that “child’s play” was the child’s special “work.” Our students have been tapping into their artistic abilities through water color painting, stringing beads, and cutting and pasting a unique collage.

The sensory bins have been filled with snow for packing and stirring to sea shells for tong work and sorting. They are choosing to master important skills that are vital to their growth toward independence. Purposeful lessons are rotated periodically to provide for the student’s developmental needs. Circle time brings the class together to learn about our calendar, sing favorite songs (which many children have mastered to memory), engage in movement games, and hear story books that teach important lessons, not to mention the ability to sit quietly around the circle for 15-20 minutes! This extended concentration is key to their advancement into the next grade level. We continue to explore the emotional and feeling world of the child. With grace and courtesy lessons at the forefront, our students are learning the value of consideration for one another in word and deed. We emphasize that it is the sharing, caring and respect for one another that brings happiness and harmony to our classroom and the world.

The “show and share” activity will continue to give each child the opportunity to bring a special book from home that is meaningful to them. In this way, we are able to show our interest in our classmates and to celebrate their unique value to our community. We are delighted that your children are a special part of our lives. They bless us with their positive energy, their caring hearts, and their curiosity for all things new.

Thank you for your continued support for the betterment of their education at MCM. We hope you have a very enjoyable Spring break!

Sincerely, Ms. Kat, Ms. Sally and Ms. Erica

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