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Primary: Mi Casita Primary - March 2019

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

This last month we have been witnessing the results of all the hard work that the children have been doing since the beginning of the school year.

We are experiencing great moments of normalization in the classroom where all the children are sitting, working, and engaging in something productive. Every morning we are having early circle time where the kids are setting their intentions for the day.

Thank you so much for being part of our community at Middle Creek Montessori. It is a wonderful experience and tremendous fun to work with you and your children.

This could be wanting to be a good friend, trying to play with someone new, working with challenging lessons, or being kind. The language work in the classroom is at its peak right now.

Mi Casita Primary Classroom

The children are really interested in reading and many of them have read about 20 to 30 books since we started the program. We are very thankful to all the parents who have supported the children every Tuesday with their reading progress and those who have practiced with the books that we send home in the blue folders. If you have not done it, you are welcome to sign up and volunteer to help with reading through the Bloomz app or on the calendar in the cubby room. Through art projects, hands-on lessons, and science experiments children have been learning all about the human body. This includes the body’s systems, how to take care of our bodies, how the body works, and the unique qualities of bodies. The children also have been learning about the states of mater (solid liquid and gas), the Chinese New Year, and Valentine´s Day. We continue to increase the use of Spanish in our classroom through songs, games, and activities that are fun and that create a fun and positive experience for the children. Some of the songs we are singing are: “La Lechuza”, “Ponte los zapatos”, “Los colores”, and “Yo Soy Poder”. Also, we have introduced children to the concept of like and dislike as “Me gusta” and “No me gusta”. We encourage you to ask your children about these songs and phrases.

Sincerely, Mr. Daniel , Ms. Paula, and Ms. Leah

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