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Middle Creek Montessori offers a unique educational opportunity for elementary children based on the dynamic learning principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our Montessori elementary program is a rich blend of hands-on educational experiences designed to nurture and enhance the natural unfolding of your child as a whole, unique person.


Montessori Elementary Curriculum

Through careful observation and sensitivity to individual learning styles and internal timelines of development, we offer each child a stimulating academic program in an integrated course of study that includes literature, creative writing, mathematics, geometry, history, geography, botany, zoology, chemistry, art, music and physical education.



The Montessori Language Arts curriculum includes a strong emphasis on reading, writing and spelling with: phonogram study, reading, creative writing, novel reading, spelling, penmanship, dictionary skills, poetry and grammar.



Building on skills learned in preschool, the elementary curriculum teaches the four operations, geometry, fractions, time, money, measurement and algebraic thinking.


Cosmic Education

The Montessori approach to history, geography, botany, zoology, and chemistry includes an integrated study of the earth, its formation and history, the plant and animal kingdom, geography and earth sciences. Lessons and activities are designed to teach fundamental concepts as the children discover the wonder and scope of the universe and our place in it.

History includes the study of time, the time line of life, the fundamental needs of people and how they are met in various cultures.


Geography includes detailed study of the continents and oceans, earth science and the study of countries and capitals.


Botany includes the understanding of plants as one of the key components that sustain life on earth. Studies include the five kingdoms of classification for living organisms, plant anatomy and physiology, gardening, and plant industries.


Zoology includes an overview of the animal kingdom, exploring animal needs and how they are met.


Chemistry includes an introduction to basic atomic and molecular theory, elements, compounds and mixtures, and states of matter presented in an easy to understand manner.

Health, Nutrition and Physical Education

  • Lessons on the human body, its systems, and how to keep healthy.

  • Participation in team and individual sports.


Enrichment Activities

  • ART - Our mixed media art curriculum is designed to inspire children to explore their own creativity as a means of expression. As the children dive into their artistic studies and creations, we see them igniting with sparks of imagination, beauty and artistic expression. In addition, art is integrated into themes being covered in all other subject areas.

  • MUSIC - The music program has several components. These include music appreciation and history, singing, movement and music making using a variety of instruments, and writing and reading musical notation. The Upper Elementary has a band program that allows children to choose an instrument to play throughout the year.

  • ADVANCED PRACTICAL LIFE - Our practical life program is designed to foster creativity, concentration, and continued development of fine motor skills while evoking a sense of respect for others and the environment. Some of our practical life activities include cooking, cleaning, gardening, knitting, crafts, animal care, and positive ways of promoting social graces.

  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Health Enhancement) - Our Physical Education includes daily outside play and exercise as well as:

    • Skill building activities, indoor and outdoor games, team sports, relay racesDevelopment of good sportsmanship, leadership and perseverance

    • Ice skating and sledding (January- March)

    • Nutrition and health

    • Running (weather permitting)

  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Working with the World Language Initiative-Montana Program, we provide several different languages throughout the school year such as Mandarin, French and Spanish.  The goal of this program is “to offer authentic and engaging world language and culture programming, resulting in a more welcoming community, and students who are better prepared for a globalized world.” -http://k-5.fwlbozeman.com


At Middle Creek Montessori, our students find great joy in the learning experience and learn to love to learn.

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