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Mary Zeman


Mary Zeman is a life long educator with midwestern roots and an international commitment to Montessori, Innovation and thought leadership. Her passion is program development and culture building. Through her life, she has worked to support schools and communities to source and engage best talent and highest principles. 


If challenged to imagine one story that sums up her vision of hope, she remembers standing with her grandparents on a parcel of Nebraska farmland they were about to sell. The young buyers were also there, and after listening to their hopes and plans, her grandmother suggested one thing more: "Maybe it's good to consider planting a peach tree." While the couple looked curious, her grandmother went on to say, "If you plant a peach tree at the very beginning, it's telling the land, you know there will be harvest. And in three or four years, you'll remember that promise while you're having peaches for breakfast!"

Mary has lived a similar vision of hope by believing in people all her life. For thirty years she was Head of School in a Montessori School in Connecticut (toddlers through middle school) and worked as a school consultant. It was her great fortune to become connected to Middle Creek where she is working proudly and closely with Krista, the staff and Board. 

Additionally, Mary currently serves as Head of Early Childhood for The Innovation Foundation, is a textile artist and the mother of two adult children (raised as Montessori kids) and their four light beams, her grandchildren, who also began their education in Montessori Schools. 

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