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Ali Northcutt


Ali began her studies in Cultural Anthropology at Bard College in the Hudson Valley in New York, but after three years shifted her studies to education. She spent a year working as an elementary educator on a Biodynamic farm in the Hudson Valley in 2016. Then, she transferred to Sterling College in Vermont when she realized that she wanted to spend her time growing food, being in nature, and working with children. She finished her degree in Nature-Based Education in 2017. 

Ali spent a year living in New Hampshire working at a small project-based farm school, and then moved to Salt Lake City with her partner. There, she taught a first grade class at a Waldorf Charter School, and began her Waldorf Teacher Training. In 2020, after finishing second grade with her class and completing her Waldorf Training, she and her partner moved to Bozeman for a new chapter in their lives.


Ali was drawn to the Middle Creek Montessori community and campus, and is excited to be teaching in the Aspen Class. Ali is also a classically trained pianist and violist and all-around lover of music. She looks forward to sharing that love with the first graders.

Ali spends her free time running and cross country skiing, as well as cooking and eating delicious food. She also enjoys knitting, weaving, and figuring out projects to make or build.

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