About Us

Our Vision

Maria Montessori often spoke of the importance of "the prepared environment." At Middle Creek Montessori we have taken that to heart. We believe that the creation of a learning space for the developing child includes everything from architectural elements and pure, environmentally-friendly building materials to the warm smiles of our loving teachers.
We believe architecture is a vital foundation for learning because children are known to absorb every nuance of their environment. Fine architecture can be viewed as ­beautiful expressions of the spirit. Facilities are child-size and child-friendly to foster independence, confidence and self-esteem. Through constant exposure to a high quality environment, a child will grow to unconsciously appreciate, long for, and thus attract or be able to create, the highest standards for tomorrow's world.
Natural Surroundings
Nature is consistently honored in our school. Outside, we encourage interaction with nature through our vegetable and flower gardens, brook, fields and farm. Inside, the children are surrounded by natural wood architectural elements and furniture; ample windows which invite showers of sunshine into each room; pictures and murals of nature; and an indoor greenhouse. Learning is supported and enhanced in an environment of beauty and nature.

Learning Materials
Independence and passion for learning is supported by beautiful, high-quality learning materials. Our materials are designed to teach basic reading, writing and math skills as well as fundamental neurological organizational processes important for all types of learning. Bright, colorful lessons are placed in strategic areas for maximum use and exposure. The joyful hum of the classroom during the day is proof that children are happy when in a loving, supportive environment engaging in purposeful play.

Love and Respect
Caring guidance is key to every child's success. Our family of teachers strive to support each child with a combination of positive reinforcement, gentle guidance, effective teaching techniques and love.

Licensing and Memberships

Middle Creek Montessori is Licensed by the State of Montana

Our Facility

Middle Creek Montessori is conveniently located on the west side of Bozeman near Four Corners. The main building houses our toddler and three preschool classrooms. The newly purchased log home has our lower and upper elementary classrooms. 
Children are surrounded by nature--inside and out. Inside, natural woodwork surrounds and supports children, creating an optimum, nurturing learning environment. Indoor features include several generous classrooms with live plants and indoor aquariums, large windows letting in natural light, locker areas with cubbies for each child and an information area for parents, indoor gym for gross motor activity, stage area, and child-friendly kitchens, computers and music room. 

The country setting includes generous playgrounds and equipment, exercise circuit, gardens, a nearby creek (Middle Creek), and barn for interaction with the school animals. In the summer, the children are active in the playgrounds and gardens. In the winter, sledding and other outdoor snow activities fill the large school yard which includes a gentle hill. A skating rink is also created for the older children.
For more information about our facility please contact us at:

Middle Creek Montessori
1572 Cobb Hill Road
Bozeman, MT 59718

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