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Megan Melief


Megan Melief grew up in Northern California and earned an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters degree from the University of Washington.  She has lived in many places throughout her life including Washington DC, Seattle, and Napa, CA.  

Before moving to Bozeman in 2020, Megan worked in the Napa Valley winemaking industry for 12 years.  She currently works for a growing technology company in Bozeman. In 2020, Megan and her family relocated to Bozeman to be closer to her husband’s business and family.  Prior to moving, their twins had attended a Montessori school and the family found Middle Creek to be a warm and welcoming community in Bozeman.  Her twins are now in the Elementary program and look forward to many more years at Middle Creek Montessori.


Megan joined the MCM Board in 2022 and is excited to contribute to such a passionate and inclusive community of educators and families.  Her family enjoys hiking, skiing, biking and going on adventures with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Merlin.

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