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Rylee Jessop


Rylee was born and raised in Corvallis, Montana. They moved to Bozeman, after high school, to further their education, and are currently enrolled at Montana State University to study Elementary Education. They are carrying on to their second year at MSU, and plan to continue to work in the school environment. 


Rylee has worked with children in various settings throughout the last few years, and understands the importance of comprehending and embracing everything that children have to offer. After seeing Middle Creek Montessori's beautiful environment that is sculpted around the child's growth, they were mesmerized. Rylee is excited to begin their experience here and thrilled to learn from the kids, as they will also learn from them.  

They love to rollerblade and spend as much as time as possible outside. Rylee always has their dogs with them to explore new areas and go on adventures. They bring a bright, creative viewpoint in the classroom, and embrace the importance of learning about all the aspects of life.

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