Ruth Baumgartner


Ruth grew up in the Rocky Mountains and attended Utah State University, graduating with honors in Journalism and Communications. 

While in college, Ruth lived in Panama for over a year and a half. She has since delighted in the people, language and culture of Latin America. This was a defining experience that shaped her; allowing her to see the world and its people from a global perspective. It cultivated an awareness and love for individuals and their unique stories. 

Ruth’s fastidious nature and adept organizational skills have helped her as a freelance magazine writer, in office administration and in the design world. However the majority of her time has been spent cultivating the lives of her four children. Her youngest, Sam, is a student at MCM.

When she isn’t managing life for other people or writing about them, Ruth enjoys playing with her husband Wes, gardening, running, hiking and creating culinary delights.