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Gillian Wormood


Gill was born and raised in Northern California where she spent her childhood either exploring the hills and climbing the trees behind her house, or doing some type of art or craft. She moved to Montana in 2016 to attend MSU, and found herself continuing to thrive by immersing herself in all things science, art, and outdoors. She graduated in 2021 with a BA in Film and Photography and a BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geographic Information Science. She worked as a summer instructor for Montana Outdoor Science School in Bozeman for two years, and has been spending her past two winters ski instructing at Bridger Bowl. Gill developed a passion for experiential learning and education through these jobs and has realized how much she loves working with kids. She started at Middle Creek in the Fall of 2022 and is enjoying the Montessori philosophy and environment thoroughly. As a support teacher, she is a “Jane of all trades” at MCM and does everything from teaching in classrooms and working on projects to being the school’s photographer and graphic designer.


Outside of MCM, Gill enjoys mountain biking, camping, and getting crafty with friends. She is also a freelance photographer in Bozeman.

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