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Connie Beery



Connie studied Elementary Special Education and Dance at the University of Montana and is a certified dog groomer. Bundling her three passions into one, she works with primary students in Mi Casita, teaches creative movement dance therapy, and grooms dogs on the side. New to both the Montessori method and Spanish, Connie is excited to absorb both alongside her students.

Originally from Butte, America, Connie taught pre-K for many years and has worked as a nanny for children of all ages. She enjoys helping children find their passions and grow at their own pace. She once toured with L.L. Cool J and was named “Nanny of the Year in the United States” in 1999. 

Connie recently married her high school friend, Bruce, after 35 years apart. She spends her free time with her husband and their 4 dogs, Monte (Toy Poodle), Finnegan Omalley (Beagle), Jeb (Toy Poodle), and Buddernut (Lapso Apso).