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Elementary Environment

Middle Creek Montessori is dedicated to the development of each child's full potential. We have created a spacious, sunlit, learning environment both indoors and outdoors specifically to meet the children's needs and to facilitate and stimulate their growth.


Our lower elementary class (1st - 3rd grade), and upper elementary class (4th - 5th grade) are communities of teachers and children, ages 6 - 11 years, working independently and together with a sense of mutual aid, fellowship and genuine respect. The focus is on exploring and researching. Our track-record has proven that students thrive academically and socially in this environment. Middle Creek students routinely score well above grade level in standardized tests and love coming to school!


Beautiful, scientifically developed, advanced Montessori materials are used throughout the entire curriculum to concretely demonstrate abstract principles, allowing children to work with their hands as their minds explore new ideas. These experiences provide a solid foundation of direct understanding from which children gather important facts and from which high level, abstract thinking evolves. 

With the Montessori emphasis upon self-discipline, the elementary children are free to choose and plan within this stimulating and structured environment. The opportunity for choice leads to their development of a strong sense of self-esteem, self-motivation, and self-confidence and allows for assignments to be completed with a sense of personal interest and ownership over the process.


Our entire program is designed to help our students become lifelong learners who share responsibility for their education and who develop respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

The Playground

At our school the playground is an extension of the classroom. Designed to bring various ages together to experience the outdoors and learn fundamental lessons about life at the same time.


Come visit and watch the children playfully discovering the seasons in...

  • a large landscaped school yard
  • the vegetable/herb and flower garden
  • the animal farm
  • a shallow creek teeming with life
  • creative playground equipment
  • an ice skating rink and sledding hills (in winter)

We love our creek- 

Elementary Building

Lower Elementary Classroom

                    Upper Elementary Classroom:

Elementary Band on our outdoor stage: