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Board Members


Jeff Trom brings extensive experience in finance and technology to the school. With a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, he spent several years consulting and 13 years helping to grow an engineering startup company to public status. He is currently Director of Software Development at a local startup. 

Jeff and his wife, Lydia, have one child at Middle Creek and two children that have graduated from Middle Creek Elementary.



Tricia Mayes LeQuesne has lived in the Bozeman area since 1994. She has a B.S. in Economics from Auburn University and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology with concentration in Ecopsychology.
Through her involvement with crisis and advocacy work, Tricia utilizes her commitment to promote community health and wellness. 
Tricia and her family have strong belief in sustainable living and the importance of connection with the natural world.

Tricia has a daughter at Middle Creek Montessori an interest and belief in the Montessori philosophy of education, as well as a passion for outdoor education programs and experiential learning.


Hattie Baker Graham is originally from New Orleans with a B.A in Political Communication from Louisiana State University. After graduation, she worked in Japan with the Japan Foreign Minister's JET Program as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT). In 2004, she moved to Bozeman to work as an ESL instructor and interim Administration Director for MSU's affiliate ESL language school. In 2007, she obtained a Master's in Public Administration from MSU and went to work with the City of Bozeman to develop the city's first Climate Action Plan. 
She brings strong skills in educational planning, administration management, carbon reduction strategies, and stakeholder communication. As a child, she attended Montessori school and is a strong supporter of the Montessori method. 

Hattie and her husband David have two children who attend Middle Creek Montessori.


Matt Andrew first moved to Bozeman area in 1994. After a few brief side-trips to MN and WA, as an avid skier and hiker Matt moved back in 2001. Matt brings international consulting experience working in Germany, UK, India, and Japan. Matt’s consulting focused primarily on strategic business process improvement and the adoption and implementation of technology solutions. Matt attended a private secondary boarding school in Faribault, MN and received a BA in Economics from the University of St. Thomas, a private university. 

Matt brings to the board a lifelong love for and a strong belief in private education, strategic long-range planning, and a background of facilitating and implementing solutions for continuous improvement.
Matt and his wife have two children that have graduated from the school.



Jeffrey McNabb is a professional civil engineer who was an original founding member of the Middle Creek Academy in 2005. He studied creative dramatics and children’s theatre at Arizona State University and has Bachelor and Master Degrees in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota. 

Jeffrey served five years as a board member in a public school district where he learned the team work and cooperation required of a functioning board. This experience, coupled with the four previous years as a trustee of the Middle Creek Academy, has prepared him to help provide vision and policy to the school administration to ensure Middle Creek Montessori is a safe and healthy school.


Brandy Moses Straub grew up in Billings, MT, and graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology and a focus on Education and Environment Biology. She currently provides a broad range of communications, marketing, and editorial support for Tetra Tech, a world wide environmental consulting firm.
 Brandy and her husband, Patrick, also own Gallatin River Guides Fly Shop in Big Sky and are strong advocates for outdoor education and conservation.
For their two girls, the Straub family has been drawn to the Montessori method and the interactions and outdoor connections that are provided by the Middle Creek facility and staff. Brandy believes in the importance of a strong educational community and giving back to support the teachers and experiences that are shaping our children and  their future.
Her daughter, Adela, is in the Mi Casita Classroom.


Kyle Bajakian is a photographer and educator and served on the faculty at Montana State University from 2006-2015.  Before that, he was Director of Photography and Digital Imaging at Anderson Ranch, a non-profit art center near Aspen, CO. While there, he led numerous field expeditions across the West.
Before his daughter graduated from kindergarten at Great Beginnings Montessori in Bozeman, Kyle served as Board President for the school developing an even stronger belief in the Montessori approach and outdoor education. Kyle and his wife, Sabrina, have two children at Middle Creek Montessori.